Week 1.

After completing a 48 hour water fast I began my second go at a 28 day, low fat, fruits and vegetable only, raw-food cleanse inspired by The Medical Medium book of the same name by Anthony William. One week in and aside from missing and craving some starch and fat, and very much looking forward to day 15 where I will start to incorporate avocado, I’m feeling really great. I had been grain, dairy, gluten, egg, soy, preservative and additive free for about 6 months prior to beginning so it was far less of a shock to my system than it might be for some. I had been gluten and dairy, additive and preservative free, Low FODMAP and organic for a considerable time before that as well.

A little about my history: I started to become more aware of my digestive issues at around age 19, some 10 years ago. They got worse and worse to a point where I knew I had to do something. I tried a lot, dropped out gluten from my diet, then cows milk, went organic, stopped drinking alcohol, saw doctors, naturopaths, eventually let go of my beloved sheep and goats curd. Things seemed to help for a while… sometimes or at least didn’t exacerbate things but nothing was making me better. Ill became my new normal, I was continually on the decline and it remained that way for a number of years. I was way too unhealthy for someone so conscientious about my health. With diagnoses of IBS the SIBO, ITP and endometriosis, words (or abbreviations as the case most often was) but no answers, no resolution. The food I consumed would reappear, still recognisable, out of the other end. I clearly wasn’t absorbing the nutrients I needed for my body to function properly.

Fast forward to 2016 when I started to realise and remember some things. It turns out I had repressed a lot of my less-nice experiences and had been living in a traumatised state, unconsciously and continuously pumping my body with cortisol and adrenaline since childhood. Toxic stress was likely the main cause for all of my issues but coming to this realisation, at first,  did nothing to ease my situation. In fact it made my health worse, not only was I aware of the stress now I was adding to it considerably while re-experiencing my past.

3 years (or there about) on, after many very good therapy sessions with a lady and her horses, about a million hours of pottering in my beloved veggie garden, two best friends acquired in the form of dogs, many solo hikes into the wilderness and being surrounded by an incredibly supportive network of family and friends, my physical health remained in much the same state until I came across the Medical Medium. My mum was the first person to mention it to me. She had been recommended celery juice and wild blueberries by a mid-week ladies, tennis opponent. It sounded interesting but I didn’t pay a lot of mind being very much all about keeping a balanced diet and not wanting to restrict my variety for any extended length of time. Less than a week later I entered a whole foods store and, to my surprise, I saw frozen wild blueberries for sale. I took them up to the counter and the woman who served me had a whole lot to say about them. Not only that but she mentioned the Medical Medium and the Raw Healing Diet. At the time I was near the end of my first water fast and was about to begin a juice and smoothie cleanse. Something in my mind new I needed raw food, the part that wanted to take care of me I had begun to gain more direct access to. I often do need to be told something twice, I second guess my intuition and need added confirmation. This was enough, I knew the world was trying to tell me something so I read his first book, decided to do his cleanse and haven’t looked back since.

That was 6 months ago. Things have changed a lot for me since then. Actual brown stools come out of me, when I’m not consuming so much chlorophyl that they turn green that is! I am absorbing my nutrients and can feel myself really and truly healing. After 10 years of discomfort, frustration and pain, things are turning around and that is why I am doing it again and plan to continue to at least twice a year from now on. It’s challenging but totally worth it.   

What I have experienced in my first week, is a sense of clarity both mentally and for my skin. I feel energised, for the most, but am having a little difficulty getting enough sleep and am sometimes experiencing bouts of lethargy (which is generally cyclical for me anyway). Hopefully that improves as I continue. In general I feel better now than I did before I began, there isn’t a lot to report so I will finish there and update again later in the week.

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