Welcome to Health. Heal. Explore!!

The name came on a whim when I had to think up something that wasn’t for an Instagram account 3 years ago. Only recently has the name begun to gain meaning.

Health. That’s pretty much my goal in life. Whole health is something I’d like to achieve because I believe it paves the way for true happiness and fulfilment. My career also lies in the field, in what capacity, I’m not certain yet, but I want to delve into all aspects and gain a broad understanding.

I think there is a healing process we all need to go through if  Whole Health is a high priority. Hence Heal in the title. I was always of the belief that diet was the key to healing, “Let food be thy medicine” and all that, but life and new experiences have changed my view. My passion and belief in food and nutrition still exist, I’ve just recently been awoken to the breadth of the ‘Whole Health’ movement and my interests have broadened exponentially. I read a great explanation on MD, Lissa Rankin’s site: An alignment of body and soul to it’s true purpose, or some such. Incorporating a balance of nine aspects of human existence; physical and mental health, sexuality, spirituality, relationships, environment, work/life purpose, creativity and finances. A simplified version but what resinated with me most and a good outline of things to come.

Explor-e/ation comes into this in a few ways. I have seen a teensy bit of the world and it’s magic, I can’t wait to experience more! But it is since returning from overseas that my views on a lot of things have changed. I’m coming to the understanding, for now at least, that in order for whole health to be achieved, an exploration of the self is necessary to facilitate the correct healing processes of mind, body and soul. Exploring our personal histories, including the deepest down, dark stuff and nurturing and understanding those nine aspects of ourselves I think might be the key to Whole Health and fulfilment.

I wanna be flexible and fluid in my approach to this and that’s why I’m being so vague. I have literally no clue how my life is going to play out. I’m open to what may come. Something that’s solidifying itself in my belief system of late is that we might all have something important to say. A special piece of information that we can articulate to the world best and that’s worth everyone’s while to hear. I’m not aware of mine yet but I’m beginning to feel I’m on the path to finding out and it is that feeling that’s prompted the creation of this page.

Plus a horse told me to do it.