The capacity to love and enjoy food must surely be innate in human kind. It feels so darn good to eat because we need to, to survive. The satisfaction derived from eating a meal that nourishes and fuels the body, filling in all the little nutrient pockets that make us whole and function at our peak, is super rewarding. The body thanks you.

We live in a world where our social and technological evolution has left our bodies lagging. The massive problem with obesity in the West is slowly seeping into other parts of the world as we gain connectivity and our cultures intertwine. We have, literally, everything available at the touch of a button. The mind feeding frenzy has overshadowed the awareness of what we feed ourselves.

Our evolution as a species is very closely linked to our diet. It’s crazy to learn the impact, our dietary changes throughout history have had on the brain’s and body’s evolution. I watched a symposium put out by University of California Television and presented by CARTA (Centre for Academic Research and Training in Anthropogeny) titled: The Evolution of Human Nutrition.1 It chronicles the changing in understanding of Nutrition evolution throughout modern discovery and gives an in-depth explanation of our most up to date, scientific understanding of the ways which evolving nutrition has influenced human growth. It also speaks about the “gut biome”.

{It was pretty much the coolest I thing I’ve ever watched on Nutrition, I highly, highly recommend you check it out!!! [Link at the bottom]}

The “gut biome” is an exciting new concept in nutrition and might be the missing link to understanding health and illness we’ve been searching for!! (I plan to research it properly and go into it in depth in future posts.) To touch on it lightly, my understanding is; we each have a living universe inside of our guts, a microbial universe. The correct balance of good and bad bacteria therein allows our body to function properly, giving it the space to process the bad and make use of its healing mechanisms. This universe is fragile, diet along with many other factors can influence the overproduction of bad bacteria causing an imbalance. This imbalance, scientists believe, could be the main precursor for chronic illness and disease. I don’t know if there is concrete evidence to back all this up, (that’s why I need to research more) but supposedly there is a link between the autonomic nervous system and GI tract (everyone knows your tummy churns when you get anxious) and my experience certainly is evidence of that. In early human life our sympathetic nervous system, responsible for our flight or fight response, was activated in life threatening or dangerous situations. While it might come in handy occasionally in Western society, there is a distinct lack of danger most of the time. Our bodies haven’t caught up with our lives and our stress and anxiety responses haven’t either. A lot of importance is placed on outward appearance, a successful career, wealth, social media attention and just killing it at life in general. We feed ourselves with constant information, overloading our bodies’ systems and making ourselves ill. We can choose to eat a nutritious diet, but if we don’t take proper care of our emotional wellbeing our gut biome will suffer regardless. We have moved away from risking our lives to hunt, kill and eat but now we are jeopardizing  our longevity and quality of life by consuming too much of the wrong foods and concerning ourselves so much with outward pressures. I hope we find the right balance soon.

It’s difficult to express some of my opinions regarding Nutrition in society without fear of slightly insulting some. That isn’t my intention at all. I don’t want to come across as critical of anyone (totes not what this is about!!). My only interest is to incite change and a thirst for deeper understanding and awareness in people regarding their nutrition.

Working in hospitality (not to mention my own dietary debacle) has highlighted the growing number of dietary issues and concerns in our society. It has helped to mould my understanding of nutrition and diet as both completely individual and deeply personal so I don’t believe in one diet to suit all. There are so many diehard diet fans, swearing by their personal understanding of nutrition for the masses and with good intention too. I commend people for doing so, spreading health and awareness about food intake and its effect on the body is of the utmost importance. I just think it slightly naïve, with all the variations in shape, appearance, personality and lifestyle, to assume that a one fits all miracle diet exists. It doesn’t make sense to blindly follow a regime without listening to your body’s responses and growing an understanding of what works for the wonderfully, unique person that you are. The hunger for that easy fix keeps the diet industry alive and well but it isn’t until people take responsibility for their own health and the importance of nutrition is recognized and incorporated into all levels of education that significant improvements in society’s overall wellness might be achieved.

I’m studying nutrition but I don’t have much interest in telling people what to eat. I hope to gain a deep understanding of the body, its processes and how it makes use of food and nutrients but I’m interested in a more rounded approach to health. With the interconnection of the bodies systems being investigated more by science, I feel nutrition is only the beginning. I’m excited to venture further into the rabbit hole of Whole Health, to learn and gain as much experience as possible. Learn how to listen and understand my body properly so I can be of more use professionally in the future!!!

There is so much to say about nutrition and food, I could literally go on forever and I’m sure I’ll add to and change parts of this in the days to come. The topic will feature heavily in my future blog posts and I’m planning on adding some recipes and stuff to the site too.

  1. (here’s that Youtube link if interested: ).

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